To give an opportunity to non-profit organizations, scientific institutions and specialists engaged in practical nature protection to discuss the application and exchange experience in the use of GIS technologies in their work, to obtain technical skills and theoretical knowledge on the use of GIS tools in environmental projects, to discuss the current state and ways of development of the GIS community for nature conservation in Russia and CIS countries.
• Experience in using GIS and remote sensing in environmental projects
• GIS Internet and mobile solutions for the nature conservation
• Open technologies and data for nature protection
• Development of GIS for Protected Areas and conservation of biodiversity
• The practice of organizing and conducting joint GIS projects between NGOs and / or scientific organizations
Will be defined later. Currently you can see
the preliminary program.
Plenary session
The plenary session will be devoted to reports describing trends in the use of GIS and remote sensing in environmental practice. We hope to make the plenary session diverse and interesting to the participants. If you think that one of the experts known to you should be specially invited to speak at the plenary session, please let us know (indicate the person's name, contacts and the proposed topic of the speech).
Section of open discussions
This year, participants' reports and discussions will be organized in the open discussion format (Open Cafe). The reports will be presented in the form of short annotations with the opportunity to discuss topics of interest on the sites (each author of the report will be able to use a small space, handouts, show a presentation, animation or film on a laptop, etc.), participants will be able to move between sites.

Reports will be organized in three sessions, each report will be allocated half an hour (if the discussion ends earlier, the participants will be able to join another group).

Presentation of your report on Open Cafe can be also done in a poster. The format of the posters is not limited (from A2 to A0). The number of posters from one participant is not limited, but in case there are more than two, it must be agreed with the organizers, so that everyone has enough space.

We hope that the majority of the conference participants will prepare a message in the Open Cafe format - this event will be the core of our conference.

Please prepare all the demonstration materials (posters, presentations, handouts) in English.
Round tables
Our conference is a place for communication of specialists, discussion of actual problems and exchange of experience. We invite participants to suggest and hold a round table on the topic of interest to them. To declare the topic of the round table is possible up to the beginning of the conference, then the participants will be able to choose the most interesting questions and join the discussion. Round tables will be grouped in case of related topics and held in several sessions so that their facilitators can also take part in the discussions.
Master classes
At the conferences of the Society for Conservation GIS, traditionally a great deal of time is devoted to technical master classes from leading experts in the field of GIS and remote sensing. Master classes are a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the possibilities of web-services and software, which are most often used in environmental projects. As the program is full, a list of master classes and short annotations will be provided at the end of the document. For many master classes, you will need a laptop with pre-installed software, and possibly - and preliminary training. We will report this after approval of the list of master classes.
Exchange of printed map, reports. books and so on
A special space will be set up at the conference, where participants will be able to exchange any printed materials demonstrating the results of their environmental projects.
Slideshow, Cube library and more
During the breaks at the conference, photographs and cartographic products will be available showing the results of the environmental projects of the participants in the form of a slide show. Please send photos and materials to scgisrussia@gmail.com before September 30, 2017. We will make the Cube library again and for sure we will come up with something else. And especially we will be glad to your ideas and their implementation! Together we will make the conference a bright and inspiring event :)
Even if you are not yet sure that you will participate in the conference - please leave an email address and we will remind you about the registration and share the news
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